GLES MK 400 is a uniquely designed and developed Solar Pest Killer specially developed for our Agricultural Farms and protect farmers from spending lots of money on pest control. This product is also eco-friendly as it runs on solar and keeps land away from chemical processed pesticides.

  • Area Coverage : 3 acre approx.
  • Main target : Mosquito, Flies, Moth, Bugs
  • Mode of action : Electrocution Method(Attract/Kill)
  • Electrocuting area : 476 sq.inch

Power consumption: 220V , 20 W(Max)

  • Trapping Light source : UV-A LED
  • Maintenance Free Storage Battery - >30AH
  • Designated Life – 10 -12 years
  • Start of the system – Automatic Start when sun sets and stops when sun rises
  • Weather Proof – yes (Automatic Self Protection in the rain)