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Road and Street Lighting LEDs- Overview

Lighting plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth traffic flow and the safety of the residents. At Wipro, we take pride in being one of the leading LED Street Light Manufacturers, providing a vast range of LED luminaires curated for the urban environment. LED street lighting is an energy-efficient, long-lasting and a cost-effective choice for the futuristic cities. Wipro LED street light systems are versatile enough to be managed, maintained and monitored with ease. In addition, the CO2 emission is lower as compared to conventional lighting sources, hence promoting a greener and better tomorrow.

Features and Benefits of LED Street Lighting

The aesthetics and compact design of the LED street light options available with us at Wipro Lighting, suit the urban architecture well and have a long life and sturdy performance. The Street Light LED options are high on energy savings and offer the right illumination to ensure smooth flow of the traffic.


Sr no Description Power Consumption Luminous Flux (lm) Lamp Casing
1 12W 12W 1170 lm AL Die Cast –IP65
2 24W 24W 2340 lm AL Die Cast –IP65
3 30W 30W 3121 lm AL Die Cast –IP65
4 36W 36W 3640 lm AL Die Cast –IP65
5 48W 48W 5200 lm AL Die Cast –IP65
6 60W 60W 6240 lm AL Die Cast –IP65
7 120W 120W 12480 lm AL Die Cast –IP65
8 160W 160W 16640 lm AL Die Cast –IP65