Solar bench


Power supply: Solar panel

Output voltage: 80 V

Electricity output: 5,3.


Battery type: AGM

Voltage: 12,6 V

Cell type: AGM


Number of USB-ports: 4

Charging voltage: 5 V

Charging current: 2A


Type LED: 5630SMD LED

Colors available: white, blue, green, red

Consumption: 30 W

  • Regular benches that you see in your neighbourhood are dull and static, offering nothing else but a place to sit down and wonder. No city ever has enough seating, right? Installing innovative Smart Solar Benches that offer free charging services for your phone or tablet, access to a Wi-Fi network and LED light during the night will definitely improve visitor’s frequency and satisfaction.
  • Ideal for parks, arboretums, zoo's, municipal community centres, university campuses or anywhere with users on the go. The Solar-Powered Canopy Charging Bench is designed to provide a comfortable, shaded place to sit, relax and charge a device.
  • A solar powered smart bench is built on sustainability with very low environmental impact since it uses unlimited renewable energy sources that are economical, safe and good for the environment. The solar lighting system replenishes energy from the sun every day and does not produce harmful CO2 emissions