Solar Water Pump - DC PUMP

Submersible Solar Pump Set

Solar pumps fitted with DC submersible motors will start discharging water earlier in the day and will work for longer hours as compared to pumps fitted with AC motors - resulting in significantly more water delivery during the day.

Motors run at synchronous speed & are about 15% more efficient than equivalent AC Induction Motors; thus delivering real, tangible benefits in solar pumping systems. High-efficiency DC submersible motors are made with high-grade stainless steel.

Product Advantages

Large increase in efficiency and compact size compared to AC Solar submersible motors Lowest energy costs due to high efficiency & power factor even under partial load conditions. Excellent value for money solution for solar pumping applications due to higher water output for a given a number of solar panels.

Submersible Motor Specifications

  • IP68 grade protection of motors
  • Stainless steel materials used with high grade for provide durability performance
  • performance Winding Insulation Class F
  • Boll bearing
  • Submersible Pump 0.5 HP TO 5.0 HP